Thursday afternoon, 14th March 2013, Midwinter
Path 5. Walking south towards the cairn at Hameldown Tor.

Path 5. Walking south towards the cairn at Hameldown Tor.

Looking and thinking of the ancient stories, the idea of the right  'solar' eye as the spiritual eye and the left 'lunar' eye as the worldly eye, the solar eye believed to peer into the eternal, the lunar gazing into time and the made world. Remembering a day in Japan and my idea of the brain as a dark room seeking the light through our eyes:


'When we’re born, our brain is like a dark rock. Each day you live it is exposed to the light and thus it slowly fills with light and the light accumulation becomes our mind and our thoughts ... and each day’s acts are precious as those acts work with the light to form the beauty and the intent and the integrity of our forming mind, and the actions we choose to make in the world. So each day’s acts must be treasured. Each action considered as it contributes to the light accumulation, our light deposit, our forming mind, the turning of the dark rock into a light sensitive cell that radiates energy – and if carefully built it can radiate goodness and beauty within the world.'

Yokohama 1994