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Pusto Wood, Nottinghamshire

Spring 1986-Winter 1987

Leaf, light, dye destruction print

122 x 183 cm / 48 x 72 "


For The Tree of Life, a London South Bank Centre touring exhibition in 1989, Fabian Miller contributed Co-existence (1989). This followed a grid format using square-cut fragments of leaves. These were from Pusto Wood in Nottinghamshire, chosen for its site lying in the shadow of a large coal-fired power station lining the River Trent. The leaf prints are shown in rows, changing from green through orange to brown, becoming marred with black spot and disintegrating into veined and fibrous remains, revealing the year’s life cycle of a wood.


Illumine - Garry Fabian Miller - A Retrospective, by Martin Barnes.

Merrell London/New York 2005.

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