Title: Q

Quenching the Red

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Water, light, dye destruction print

51 x 61 cm / 20 x 24 ”


When I enter the gravitational field of Garry Fabian Miller’s images, at first I can keep hold of familiar coordinates, as I keep recognising the phenomena through language and visual memories. But all the gorgeous chromatic lexicon of the blues—indigo, ultramarine, cobalt, lapis lazuli, cerulean, cyan, porphyry, azure; all the blazing glory of the reds and yellows—scarlet, cinnabar, crimson, ruby, saffron, jasper, and orpiment—fall away before the thing itself, the unfurled depths and subtlety of luminous colour as it happens for real in the artist’s adynaton, the light-writing of time, sun, and moon.


The Colour of Time by Garry Fabian Miller, from the essay ‘Adynata – Time’s Colour; Impossible Beauty’ by Marina Warner. Black Dog, London 2010.

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