Title: Y

Year One

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Installation: Newlyn Art Gallery, Cornwall

February-April 2009


Like Gerhard Richter’s Atlas, (an album of newspaper clippings, photographs and sketches), Fabian Miller’s Year One is a both an artistic work and an image bank from which further work can be inspired. Each of the 96 images could itself be the start of a new series. Taking his inspiration from the tradition of carrying cases used by Victorian art collectors Fabian Miller chose to house Year One in eight cube-shaped cabinets made of black walnut. Each cabinet contains 12 prints in its drawers, one from each month, thus recapitulating the year. Pictures can be removed individually or as a group to be displayed.


The Colour of Time by Garry Fabian Miller, from the essay ‘Time and Light’ by Nigel Warburton. Black Dog, London 2010.

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