Batholith 3

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November 2007

Water, light, dye destruction print

40.5 x 50.5cm / 16 x 20 ” 


In the context of an article defending abstract art, Moholy-Nagy wrote about Pre-Renaissance painting in a way that could equally be applied to Fabian Miller:

‘It admitted that it had been painted to express moods, devotion, wonder, and ecstasy with the sensuous and emotional power of colour. It emphasised less the “story” and more the vital performance of colour to which the spectator could react directly without reasoning and conscious analysis’.


Blue Gold by Garry Fabian Miller, from the essay by Martin Barnes, Curator, Photographs, Victoria and Albert Museum in the catalogue accompanying the exhibition Garry Fabian Miller, Blue Gold, 23 April-29 May 2004, Hamiltons, London.

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