Becoming Magma 3

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June 2004

Water, light, dye destruction print

128 x 147cm / 50.25 x 58 "


Becoming Magma (2004–05) reveals a hidden source derived from magma, the reservoir of molten rock beneath the earth’s surface. The very land on which Fabian Miller lives on Dartmoor was created millions of years ago as magma cooled below the earth’s surface to become granite. Great sandstone mountains formed over this granite to be eroded over the ages by exposure to the elements. Ice finally shaped the magma-granite, creating the landscape’s distinctive tors – ancient, weathered outcrops of stone within which he walks. The circular forms of Becoming Magma represent not magma itself but a mysterious and fearsome energy, deep within the centre of the globe, from which it is born. The smouldering colour illuminates the darkness through which it breaks with its inner light: not a light from the sun, or reflected from its rays, but a sun-like power itself. Here, Fabian Miller discovers an energy like the solar orb within the core of the earth. No longer needing to look solely to the sky for the light that sustains him, he senses and finds it remarkably closer to home. With its variations on the circle, Becoming Magma also suggests a planetary or cosmic reference that has recurred in the use of this motif in Fabian Miller’s work like a talisman over the years.


Illumine - Garry Fabian Miller - A Retrospective, by Martin Barnes.

Merrell London/New York 2005.

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