Crown Summer 1988

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Summer 1988

Leaf, light, dye destruction print

30.5 x 30.5 cm / 12 x 12 "


The most wide-ranging and ambitious project of 1987/8 was Artists in National Parks, sponsored by the energy company Conoco and the Department of the Environment and shown at the Victoria and Albert Museum. Eleven artists were commissioned to produce works inspired by one national park, to which each was assigned. Fabian Miller worked in the Yorkshire Dales, following the River Swale, collecting the variety of plants along its course. The eighty resulting images formed From the Heart to the Head, Desiring of the Healing. A Journey with the Spirit on the Swale (1988–89), representing a journey along the length of the river and through the seasons.


With this commission, once again, Fabian Miller was grouped with such land artists such as Goldsworthy, Fulton and Long as well as Helen Chadwick, all artists pushing the boundaries of traditional media distinctions and resisting firm categorization. Through his unique practical methods and associations with such artists, Fabian Miller’s works were now perhaps to be considered not so much as photographic images but more as conceptual, sculptural objects.


Illumine - Garry Fabian Miller - A Retrospective, by Martin Barnes.

Merrell London/New York 2005.

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