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Homeland, 10 August 1990

Flower, light, dye destruction print

41 x 41 cm/ 16 x 16  "


To me a flower is beautiful beyond anything that is called religious. There’s a purity of being embodied within it. I have for years been trying to find a way to inhabit that feeling: looking at flowers, observing birds, trees, weather, the moon, the sun, and the wind, all of those things. Giving time to looking at things, that on the face of it seem so insignificant, a sense of contentment accrues. It seems so easily given. This spring the flowers have done it for me. While we’ve been doing this interview I’ve been watching swallows landing on that pond, 20-30 swallows. Over there, a heron fishing and this week on most days, I’ve disturbed deer outside the studio. We just came across each other at 10-12 feet and exchanged eye contact.


Garry Fabian Miller, That I Might See.

HackelBury Fine Art, London, 2011.

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