Gaze (i)

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Winter 2009/2010

Water, light, lightjet c-print from dye destruction print

224 x 254 cm / 88 x 100 " (framed)



It is a sublime, otherworldly silence, one that is evoked by Fabian Miller’s favoured circular shapes, such as an iris, as in Gaze (i) (2009–10), or a planetary body, as in The Night Cell (2009–10). These works offer a location that is both within the mind and an imagined place far beyond its bounds. Could Gaze be a knowing eye looking back at us? Or could both pieces be the genesis or dying remains of a distant planet? It is a territory caught between uncertainty and hope.


Shadow Catchers by Martin Barnes, from his essay ‘Illuminations’. New edition 2012.

Merrell/Victoria and Albert Museum.


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Gaze (i) (detail)