Honesty, May–September 1985. The Fertile Months, the Greening, the Growing, the Dying, the Seeded Hope. Lowfield Farm, Lincolnshire

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Light, seedhead, dye destruction print

135 x 38 cm / 53 x 15 "

each panel 135 x 254 cm / 53 x 100 " overall


Fabian Miller and Sister Wendy Beckett collaborated in a publication, Honesty: A Book of Prayer (1992). It contained images by Fabian Miller based on the honesty plant’s seed head showing its colour changes from green in spring, to red in summer and silver in winter. The concentrated observation of the plant’s growth and inner life were to be read alongside Beckett’s written meditations on the five meanings of Honesty: Truth, Virtue, Integrity, Justice and Purity. Beckett noted how prayer could be both passive and active: states which had their parallel in Fabian Miller’s working methods, observing and gathering in the outdoors then arranging specimens and waiting for images to emerge from them in the contemplative space of the darkroom. Hence the darkroom became the artist’s inner sanctum, like a monastic cell, a place for quiet revelation.


Illumine - Garry Fabian Miller - A Retrospective, by Martin Barnes.

Merrell London/New York 2005.

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