Lucent 3, 2001

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Light, water, dye destruction print

52 x 66 cm / 20.5 x 26 "


I became interested in the light after the sun had gone down, the twilight going into blue-black light: residual light. The Thoughts of a Night Sea pictures are like a refuge into the acceptable face of spirituality. They are about wanting to be in that place, at that time: a dormant time. Walking on the moor at night, all accretions of life are taken away: the houses, the electricity pylons, the roads. Your eyes must adjust to the darkness as they do in the darkroom. It’s a time-less period. It could be a hundred years ago or in one hundred years time. When I’m making the abstract pictures I’m trying to make a space that is out of time. I only inhabit that space when I am walking at night, beside time.


Garry Fabian Miller


Time Passage by Garry Fabian Miller. James Hyman Gallery, 2008

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