Mica 1

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May 2007

Oil, light, dye destruction print

40.5 x 50.5cm / 16 x 20 ” 


'The notion of these quantities of time which are given numbers which we have somehow to make sense of, which is almost impossible, interests me; the sense of periods of time and revelation being contained in this. I’ve noticed in recent years that I’ve developed a kind of picture making where I’m using huge quantities of time in the light exposures. This makes no sense within any known notion or idea of photographic time exposure, which is a fraction of a second – 1⁄125 of a second, is a normal camera shutter exposure. It is twenty-five years since I used a camera to make pictures, and the further I retreat from that, the more I’m pushing the way I can expose a piece of photographic paper to the light to make something appear. I’ve now reached a point where I make pictures which have exposures of 17, 18, 19 hours. This pushing of the exposure of the materials beyond the known, makes images that activate the dyes that lie embedded in the paper surface, revealing something that was hidden. It’s only by pushing time so far that I am able to create a surface light quality, and the intensity of colours on the paper surface. It’s a magical and alchemical experience, which comes through an anarchistic use of time and its relationship to the materials, and the concept of both work and artistic practice.'


HOME Dartmoor by Garry Fabian Miller. Filtow 2012.

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