Night City Two

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Water, light, dye destruction print

179 x 470 cm / 70.5 x 185.5 "


As I walked the hills I thought of Tokyo, and other cities in the world, about architectures, and our evolution. Around me I saw the remains of our first dwellings, simple hut circles shaped out of the ground. Across the world I thought of the cities speading across all the land I could see. I often walk at night and imagine tall towers of light glowing in the dark; marvellous cities reaching upward. Each window containing a life, individual thought. Thinking Night Cities, the gathering place for many minds, generators burning into the darkness.


Each day I would work in the dark room and studio making pictures of these places, building Night City. On Dartmoor, yet in Tokyo at last I saw this imagined place. Buildings closely gathering, reaching up like flowers to the night, strong yet fragile, like the people who filled this place.


Without the light we would be lost, life would slowly end. On the hills and in the city we must look and fill our minds with light. To live is to build the mind, transforming the dark rock of the brain into a beacon of radiating thought, pulsating across the world. The nature of this thought shapes, and can remake our world.


Garry Fabian Miller from the publication Thinking Night City, Nichido Contemporary Art, Tokyo, 2003

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