Toward a Solar Eclipse April 4th, 1998

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Light, oil, dye destruction print

66 x 66 cm / 26 x 26 "


Light is Garry Fabian Miller’s raw material. He fashions it with dexterity and a deep sensitivity for its visible nuances and emotive powers. His visual language is one of near or pure abstraction. Without the use of a camera or negative he produces images on photographic paper. In the darkroom he mediates rays of light on the paper as it passes through plants, apertures or vessels filled with oil, water and other liquids. Colours depend on the thickness and quantity of oil, the type of light, its intensity and duration of exposure. The lustrous prints are one of a kind, the temporal trace of carefully selected objects and light conditions. But neither the method of creation nor the unique status of these images is paramount. More importantly, they call up evocative associations with colour, shape and symbol. Each emanates an inner luminescence that seems to reflect our own shifting sense of internal energy and to pulse in concordance with the universe to which we belong.


From the exhibition guide Light / The Visible Reminder of the Invisible by Martin Barnes. Graves Art Gallery, Sheffield, 2002.

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